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Wedding Ceremonies In Candlelight
Wedding Ceremony in Candlelight
Lisa and Simon, enveloped in candlelight, exchange their vows at Spiaggia - Chicago, Il.

When Love Casts a Luminance

Actually, the title should read "The Exchange Of Vows And Rings By Candlelight." That's because when using candles in a formal ceremony their use is only for about 5 to 7 minutes- during the vow and ring exchanges.

In an informal ceremony, such as in your living room, the backyard, the beach, etc., you can use candlelight for the duration. If you're going to use candles in your ceremony, you must have a setting capable of rendering absolute darkness. Ambient sunlight, or for that matter, light from any other source, will ruin the effect.

Congregational taper candlesWhen candlelight ceremonies are properly planned and performed, the effect is like something out of Hollywood, not to mention the fun guests have participating in such a spectacle.

If your ceremony is at a venue, you must first ask permission of that venue to use candles during your ceremony. If they allow this, you will need to purchase a candle for every guest and have them placed on their seats prior to the start of the ceremony. Every fifth seat also gets a Bic lighter. You can give your guests votive candles in votive holders (no dripping wax problem) as seen in the photo above, or congregational taper candles as seen in the photo at left.

In mid-ceremony I will ask your guests to gather around you with their candles lit and electric light will be slowly dimmed out. You will then exchange your vows and rings with your guests all around you. Following this, all will return to their seats and lighting will be slowly brought back. Also, let your photographer know that he/she will have a "low light" situation during your ceremony and to plan accordingly.


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