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Wedding Ceremony Improvisation
Wine Sharing Option
Barb and John wine sharing with Mountain Dew at the Oak Brook Marriott - Oak Brook, Illinois

Barb and John do the Dew

  I'm big on ceremonial options, at least when it comes to medium and large formal wedding ceremonies. Most of my couples are too. For them, as for me, exchanging vows and rings are a great start, but if a wedding ceremony is to be truly entertaining, and not just a replication of the common wedding ceremony, we have to do a bit more.

When I interviewed John and Barb for their wedding ceremony I showed them video footage of past couples using Unity Candles,the sand ceremony, the blessing tree and wine sharing.

Ketubah SigningWine sharing caught their eye. Wine sharing is contemporary, unlike the unity candle which has been on the western wedding scene for four decades now. And the blessing tree and the sand ceremony just wasn't them. Wine sharing, which can also be performed with champaign, is elegant with no small element of romance, and exceptionally photogenic.

There was just one problem. John and Barb don't drink. Well prior to their marriage, John and Barb decided to make a lifestyle change, one that doesn't include alcohol in any form.

What to do? Being that "Wine Sharing" was the option that appealed to them most, but that alcoholic drink was not an option, I asked them- "Well,.. what do you like to drink now?"

"We like Mountain Dew" came the answer. I paused, then asked: "Why not do the Dew?" Yes, why not wine share but with Mountain Dew? They looked at each other and then agreed,- "Yes, we'll do the Dew."

Before hundreds of their guests at the Oak Brook Marriott in Oak Brook, Illinois, I explained the history of the wedding option that John and Barb were about to partake in. Their guests already knew of their lifestyle change and it tickled them to see the couple recreate what looked like the romance of their first date. The photo at top records this moment.

Please know that most any wedding ceremony option can be modified as can any ceremony wording, or choreography, or seating, or format, or reading or vow exchange etc. If something doesn't completely suit your purpose for your wedding ceremony, or nearly does, then give yourself permission to change it. This webs site is filled with couples who chose to modify their ceremonies to suite their needs. So go for it. If your ideas are good I'll steal them and put them on my web site.

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