For persons interested in an Ottawa Wedding Minister or Ottawa Wedding Ceremony or Toronto Wedding Minister or Toronto Wedding Ceremony or are considering Keith Langille or Lynne Langille for the performance of their Ottawa Wedding Ceremony or Toronto Wedding Ceremony.
Keith Langille and Lynne Langille
Ottawa Canada's Biggest Internet Thieves

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It was a winter day in March of 2006, when I first became aware of them. I was performing a rehearsal at the Aon Center in downtown Chicago, Il. At the end of the rehearsal the bride-to-be, Deloris, came up to me and asked: " Are you part of a national chain of ministers?" No Deloris, I'm not, why do you ask? "Well, last night on the Internet I came across a website that was exactly like yours, and the ministers were from Canada. "It had all your pages and it had all your photographs. In fact, it even had you." That couldn't possibly be Deloris I told her, I only perform wedding ceremonies in Chicagoland. "I'm sure it was you," she replied. "In fact everything that I read on your website I read on theirs - word for word."

That night on the Internet I went looking for the website, and it didn't take long to find it. You simply do a Google search on a group of words from your website and the search engine will show you all other websites that are using those words in that specific order. That's when I found Ottawa wedding ministers Keith Langille and Lynne Langille on a website which is now named Deloris had been right, Ottawa wedding ministers Keith Langille and Lynne Langille had stolen my entire website- every word and every photo. They even showed a picture of me performing a rehearsal (as if for them)!

Also performing as Toronto wedding ministers- Keith Langille and Lynne Langille are Internet thieves. I am careful not to call them conventional minister's since real ministers don't steal other people's property, let alone entire websites. These two at some time in the last few years decided to start performing wedding ceremonies in Ottawa and Toronto for the general public. Their problem was that they had no legacy to draw from, no pictures of their work, and no original ideas to impress visitors to their new website.

So they stole them. And I'm not talking about a sentence or paragraph or two along with a few photos. I'm talking about nearly a hundred photos and tens of thousands of words. They stole entire pages of the website- verbatim. I have had a presence on the Internet for over 12 years now and through those years I have noticed how other websites would take a line or two from my website and use it on theirs. Such petty theft is to be expected. Small time copying, like imitation, is a form of flattery. Ottawa and Toronto wedding ministers Keith Langille and Lynne Langille don't fit this description however, they're thieves on a grand scale. Stealing not only my photos and my words, but a lifetime of my work in this profession,- and then taking sole credit for it. I now know how musicians, artists, poets, and song writers feel when their work is stolen and the thieves who stole it take the bows. Having your credit card stolen and used renders the exact same feeling.

Just compare the two, click on my original page. Then click on theirs. Notice also the topics on the left of each page.

The following pages on their website were all stolen from mine:

Your Planning Session
Your Rehearsal
Your Ceremony

See My Ceremony in a Complete Overview

Why Most Ceremonies Fail
The 5 Ultimate Rules
Facing Your Guests
Using Subliminal's
Escorts and Ushers
Escorting a Bride
Children in Weddings

All About My Services
All About Thomas Witham
(Changed to their names)
Our Philosophy
Our Clientele
The Most Import Change
(Changed to:
The Key Change We Make )

Why Most Couples Hire Me
(Changed to:
Why Most Couples Hire Us)

Using a Photomontage
The Blessing Tree
Using a Limousine
Making Your Program
Designing Your Ceremony
Writing Your Own Vows
Entering with Flowers
Presenting Flowers to VIPs
Sample Readings
Taking Parental Vows
Bubbles, Bells and Petals
The Unity Candle
The 2nd Kiss
The Symbology of Crystals
Wine Sharing
Vows By Candlelight
Doves and Butterflies
Using a Carriage
Using an Aisle Runner
Promoting Your Wedding
Effective Seating
Protecting Your Entrance
Honoring Culture
(Which they spell as
Honouring Culture)

Creativity and Style
Actions in Memoriam
Helping Your Photographers
Understanding Lighting
The Order of Events

Nor am I the only one victimized in this. There is the matter of those photos of my couples which they took from my site and placed on theirs. My couples never gave them permission to do this. Nor do my couples care to be associated with them or whatever they stand for (and who knows what that is?). How would you like to be told by a friend that they saw photos of your wedding on a bogus website in Canada? Imagine how my couples felt?

The next morning I called them. Keith kind of sounds like a gerbil when he gets scared. Either that or the air was sucked out of the room when I said to him: "This is Thomas Witham of Day of Dreams Wedding Ceremonies in Chicago. I have found your website. I'm calling to ask if you have a good lawyer?" There was a long pause, he mumbled something softly as his voice faded away, and then the line went dead.

Now caught, the dash began to swap out all the photos they stole from my website and replace them with their own. But the commentaries, the original ideas, and the pages upon pages of my work, as listed above, remain on their site. In some cases they've changed words around, and in other cases they remain as they originally stole them.

I do not have the time or the money to run up to Canada and begin a lawsuit against Ottawa wedding ministers Keith Langille and Lynne Langille for copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property. But I can alert and inform the public as to the theft they've committed. This now has consequences for those they have married, as well as those who will be considering them for the performance of their ceremonies.

First, I ask the reader to accept the following: My website is not just read here in the U.S. nor in Canada- but globally. There will be comments posted on my website from readers from Australia to Europe. And I have helped couples design their ceremonies that took place in the Virgin Islands and Argentina. Journalists from both the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune have called and asked for my opinions and input for articles they were writing. This is simply to say that my website is very well read and is absolutely the wrong place for a wedding minister to be caught stealing. Internet ministers like Keith Langille and Lynne Langille be they from Ottawa or Toronto or from wherever, who are looking for ideas, intellectual property, and photos to pad their websites should move on. Once an Internet minister is placed on this page for stealing, they'll remain here until I retire.

Placement on this page is a permanent condition.

This also means that couples that Toronto wedding ministers Keith Langille and Lynne Langille have married (or will marry) have this question to ask themselves: "How many others will find and read this page- my friends? my family? my coworkers?" Internet thieves like Keith Langille and Lynne Langille may also discover that other wedding ministers and professionals in their vicinity will find or will be told about this page as well.

You are currently reading Version 3 of my website. Ottawa wedding ministers Keith Langille and Lynne Langille did their stealing from Version 2 which was graphically different from the current version. Regardless, my websites have always been free for everyone to use and learn from who have an interest in wedding ceremony design. Emails sent me from across the country indicate a sincere gratitude on behalf of the public for access to these ideas, descriptions and advice on how to improve wedding ceremonies. Many of those emails are posted on this website. Hundreds if not thousands of couples I will never know have benefited from my work as well as the generous sharing of my couples.

But there are those, be they identity thieves, email spammers, phishers, or Prince Mubuto from Nigeria who will deposit a million dollars in your bank if you will just give him your checking account number, that make our Internet an ever more dangerous place. Keith Langille and Lynne Langille are petty thieves in this mix. But thieves they are. There is no difference in what they did and shoplifting at Kmart. Whether physical property or intellectual property- theft is theft.