Justice Of The Peace - Chicago, Illinois


Seeking a Justice Of The Peace (Wedding Officiant) in Chicago.

You may have discovered this page because you are looking for a Justice of the Peace to perform a wedding ceremony for you in Chicago or one of it's suburbs.

You've come to right place as that is exactly what I do- perform wedding ceremonies. I am a Wedding Officiant, also known as a Celebrant. The state of Illinois no longer licenses Justices of the Peace; ministers, officiants and celebrants now fill that role.

I have prepared a page for you that shows photographs of where you can have your ceremony. Just click on this link and go to the right-hand column that says "Where To Elope."

I will design your ceremony for you by phone and Internet, and will perform it in anywhere in Chicagoland- all for just $350. You too can have a very photogenic ceremony, like the couple you see above who came in from Michigan with their families, to have their ceremony in front of one of Chicago's landmark settings.

See also this page: Eloping In Chicagoland.