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Releasing Butterflies In A Wedding Ceremony
Butterfly release
George and Marisol release butterflies at Chateau Bu-she' in Alsip, Il.

Butterflies Began Spreading The Word

A butterfly release dramatically brings a ceremony to a very memorable and photogenic conclusion. To begin with you'll want to find a vendor who will provide the number of butterflies you need. Do a Google search for butterflies using your locality in the query such as "Chicago Butterfly Release", or insert whatever town you live in. All kinds of butterfly providers will pop up.

Butterfly ReleaseAt the conclusion of your ceremony your butterflies can be released in one of two ways:

The first version is the one you see above with George and Marisol releasing their butterflies from the white container they arrived in. The butterflies are brought up to the bride and groom by the officiant and the photographer is invited to take his or her place. The guests may be asked to gather around if the couple wants. Typically the couple follows the release of their butterflies with their first kiss as husband and wife and the guests applaud. You may modify this version in any way you wish.

The second version involves the audience, and every guest, is given an individual butterfly in its own "wrapper." The guests are invited to closely gather around the bride and groom and the bridal party. The bride and groom are invited to release their butterflies first and then to embrace. While holding that embrace the guests releases their butterflies. The photography will show the embrace of the bride and groom and the excitement of the guests as they release the little critters now ascending heavenward. This effect is similar to the photo at left. Like the example above, this is a suggested method of a group butterfly release. Change it to suit your taste.

Please keep in mind: A butterfly release is a morning or mid-afternoon affair. Butterflies are not interested in flying at dusk because they don't know whose mouth they're flying into. If your butterfly release takes place too late in the day, the butterflies will promptly float to the ground and walk around. They'll wait for sun up to resume flying. A real expensive bummer for your wedding!

I inform guests how to release the butterflies by releasing one myself. Guests can be apprehensive at first, after all, you're handing them an insect. I ask guests not to shake them around in their wrappers as butterflies don't like be shaken any more than you and I do. A well thought out butterfly release makes a very photogenic and romantic conclusion for your ceremony.


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