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The Blessing Tree
The Blessing Tree
Laura and Michael affix their vows to a Blessing Tree at Ggreen Dolphin - Chicago, Illinois.

Loving Notes Borne On Branches

For couples wanting to bring a little bit of nature into their ceremony, the Blessing Tree is a novel option.
If a real tree is to be used, it is a sapling of no more than shoulder height. Most couples however, use an "imitation tree", like Michael and Laura did as shown above.

In mid ceremony, after the exchanges of vows and rings, VIPs are invited to come up and affix a 'blessing' to the tree. Actually, it need not be a 'blessing,' it could be poetry, a personal note, a religious passage, a quotation etc.

A Blessing TreeHaving affixed their 'blessings' to the tree, the VIPs embrace the bride and groom. Alternately, the couple is the first to affix a "blessing" to the tree which is typically their personally composed vows- a great touch. The couple then proceeds to the giving of roses.

During the reception, every guest has a card with its attached loop string at their place setting. Throughout the evening, the guests will compose their own notes to the couple and attach them to the tree. By the evenings' end their will be dozens of these notes on the branches of the tree, all of which will go into the wedding photo album along side the photos of those who wrote them.

If a live tree is used, it is planted after the honeymoon. As it matures it will shade them and their new home, its changing colors marking the seasons as well, and its beauty reminding them of the love and well wishes of their guests once borne on its branches.

The majority of couples do not use a real tree however. You only need an artsy-fartsy collection of branches or branch-like structures to use for your "Blessing Tree."

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