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Rule 4: The Ceremony Shall Be Visually Driven
Wine Sharing in a Wedding Ceremony
Matt and Cindy Wine Sharing at Bird Haven Greenhouse - Joliet, Illinois.

In A Wedding Ceremony- The Eyes Have It

Couples are often reduced to no more than props on a stage for an officiant using his or her best shtick to get a few laughs or convince the guests that he or she has known the couple most of their lives. Few guests will fall for this.

In every wedding ceremony- the eyes have it.  In other words, what your your guests see will far outweigh what they hear.  It follows then that 'story telling', as when a minister attempts to explain the meaning of love, or give the history of your relationship, will fall far short as a means of conveying what the day truly means to you.  Learning is work. Do you believe your guests would rather read the book or watch the movie?

In the photo above Matt and Cindy are Wine Sharing in front of 150 of their guests at Bird Haven Greenhouse in Joliet, Illinois. Romantic music is softly playing and the guests are riveted to their performance. It is the use of this "Visual" that will make Matt and Cindy a husband and wife in the hearts and minds of their guests.
I design my ceremony to have visual impact at all times.  My bridal parties face forward, and wedding options such as Wine Sharing or Unity Candle lighting are performed facing the guests as well. Your ceremony must be strong in it's visual appeal.  You'll not only delight your guests, but your wedding video and photo album will be rich in imagery as well as exceptional.

Bridal Party Facing Forward

Above, Alex and Amber and their bridal party as seen during their wedding ceremony. This presentation, and the photos taken of it, will meet or exceed any of the arranged photos their photographer will take after the ceremony. I am speaking to them from among the guests, in center aisle.

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