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The Sand Ceremony (Unity Sand)
Sand Ceremony
Valerie and Nickolas used uique and photogenic accessories for their sand ceremony in Oak Brook, Il.

Joining That Which Cannot be Separated

Symbolism and imagery are far more effective in dramatizing the joining of your lives before guests than words and concepts. For this reason, in the performance of their ceremonies, couples have been using Unity Candles for the last several decades. Another option gaining popularity with couples is Wine Sharing. Yet another equally beautiful sentiment or dramatization is the Symbolic Use of Crystals also known as a Sand Ceremony or Unity Sand.

Unity SandParents and other VIPs will each have a small vile of some crystalline element such as salt, sand, colored sand, or some other attractive material that you've come up with. Michael's and other hobby and craft stores are full of them. Use the colors of your bridal theme, or get some sand from the beaches of southern California where you grew up.

After the empowerment of the exchange of the vows and rings, the bride and groom approach the front row VIPs who will contribute this element to the couple with soft music playing. Parents could contribute to their son or daughter, or to both the bride and groom. Contributors could include others such as grand parents or close friends but the number of contributors should not exceed six (three per side).

The bride and groom return to center stage and join their respective crystals or sand to a common vase. This implies- once joined, never separated. Photographers capture both the contribution by VIPS and subsequent joining of these crystals by the bride and groom.

Using the Symbolism of Crystals has it own advantages. Unlike the Unity Candle, crystals are never affected by wind. Wine sharing, though very elegant, doesn't provide an opportunity for parents or other VIPS to contribute to the couple ceremonially as does either the Unity Candle or the use of Sand. So each has it advantages and all bring an elegance to your ceremony.


In choosing your accessories for a sand ceremony you will need a small Vial for each contributing parent/VIP. Each of you will hold a Receiver which is what your parents/VIPs will pour their content into. Finally, you will need a beautiful Vase to which the two of you will pour and thereby join the elements to one. The wedding industry has caught on to this and is making all kinds of Sand Ceremony Sets available for sale. The best arrangements I've seen, are when a bride and groom go out and find their own. Maybe at a glassware store, maybe at a back yard sale. It's far more a function of style then cost.

Sand Ceremony Accessories


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