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Rule 3: Poise Makes A Bride And Groom
Unity Candle Lighting
Richard and Natalie light their unity candle at a mansion in Dyer, In.

Performing Your Dream in Real Time

Even though I have 90% of the speaking role in your ceremony, you and your bridal party are going to do a lot more talking than I am, and you're going to do by the way you conduct yourselves.  Despite my beautiful presentation of your ceremony, your guests will be intently studying you, not me, and therein lies an immense opportunity for the both of you. 

The Giving of RosesBy conducting yourselves in a focused, calmed, at times lightly affectionate manner, and by taking your time when interacting with loved ones during your ceremony, your poised performance will bring rave reviews.

Don't worry, you may not know how to give such a performance right now but my thorough rehearsal session with you, typically between an hour, to an hour and a half in length, will have you well prepared and confident for a stellar performance.

"It's not what you say, it's how you say it," and "it's not what you do, it's how you do it," are well worn cliches aren't they? But never were they truer than in a wedding ceremony. I learned a long time ago that a couple who is lighthearted and confident, and whose wedding ceremony is in their backyard, will easily eclipse, in terms of audience enjoyment, a couple whose ceremony is at the Drake, lavishly embellished, but whose hearts are in their mouths with the look of a deer in the headlights on their faces.

You are not responsible for inherently knowing how to do this. It is your officiant's responsibility to instill it within you. My rehearsals are an hour and fifteen minutes in length. Half of that time is spent showing everyone their roles and how to perform them. The other half is spent in coaching them, encouraging them, yes, calming them, but most importantly instilling within them the confidence to become a lead actor and actress.

Richard and Natalie's wedding is featured on this page. What you don't see is the row of professional video cameras filming this or the photographers moving around them and their guests. Added to these are the hundred guests intently watching them. Richard and Natalie are in the zone, confident, elegant and poised and most of all, enjoying themselves as they join their lives in marriage.

I too am intently watching them. As they light their Unity Candle and present their roses, I feel just as proud as they do. For it's the dynamic of poise in a bride and groom that animates all, renders great photography, and incites within the guests the kinds of complements every couple dreams of hearing in their reception line.

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