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Your Wedding Ceremony
Thomas Witham Officiating at the Art Institute

Thomas Witham, in center aisle, officiating for Sandra and Kyle at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, IL.

Your Ceremony Will Look and Feel Like the Academy Awards

No Ceremony - ever - has looked like this. And no ceremony, performed anywhere in Chicagoland, is as meticulously planned, thoroughly rehearsed, or supported by so many original, meaningful and photogenic options as are mine.

Kyle and Sandra at their Unity CandleYour ceremony, unlike any your friends have ever seen, will make maximum use of choreography, imagery, dramatics and stage presence to render a ceremony that you, and they, have dreamed of.The ceremony will at all times be visually impressive and engaging as the audience will be treated to seeing you rather than staring at your backs and wondering. And guests will applaud the novelty of your wedding, scoring you much higher for uniqueness and artistic expression rather than rigidly duplicating for them every wedding they've already seen.

Confident in your well designed and thoroughly rehearsed ceremony, my directorship during its performance will easily allow you to be calm, up-beat and at your best. That's why I take the lead in developing all aspects of the ceremony - helping musicians, photographers and videographers understand their opportunities as well.

Put your heart into your wedding ceremony and swing for the fence. Use the options, events and accessories I have described on this web site and genuinely impress your guests. Elegance, style and class- together with a ceremony that tugged on their hearts- will make your wedding day unforgettable.

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